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II used to buy and own enormous amounts of clothes before I realized that owning a few basic essentials can actually satisfy an even wider range of wardrobe necessities. A few simple staple items can actually cover all the needs from everyday wear to corporate office worthy options.

A quality white T-shirt is an essential piece of every girl’s wardrobe. It looks plain when hanging in the closet, but because of its plainness, it is so versatile. It is a style chameleon when paired with compatible pair pants or a skirt and some accessories. It truly becomes the staple piece you need to own.

As it is such a basic piece, you might even be overwhelmed by the options when searching for your perfect fit. Be patient with the process. Think about quality over quantity, and know that there is one out there that will suit you just right.

I have found mine in an oversized-fit with a V neck. My go-to pairing is with a blazer and jeans. When I wish to look dressier, I simply add a pair of heeled shoes. While it looks equally great with flats or even sneakers when going after a more casual look. To spice up the simplicity, you can add either a bomber jacket or a long sleeve button up tied around your waist. While on the other hand, paired with a silky kimono looks more classy and instantly puts you at a resort state of mind.

If you’re going to pair it with jogger pants or leggings, the look will attract weekend vibes. I also love to wrap myself in a scarf and throw over either a denim jacket or a black leather jacket now that the seasons are shifting. The look will serve you well anytime from early fall through late spring. For my love of the 80s look, I swap the scarf for lots of simple mix metal necklaces and a black choker so that the party can start. Speaking of a rocker look, a simple white T is also a great option to show off your underwear a little. I’m just in love with the comfort of a bralette, so why not show it off? A little black lace underneath a semi-sheer white T could be very chic, rather than tacky.

Another of my go-to white T’s is a high-neck T. I find it working well while layering items to achieve a warmer feel. While the seasons are transitioning, it works great under overalls or a black dress. That way the neck doesn’t clash with the cut of the dress or playsuit you wear on top. You could easily throw over a long cardigan, pull a pair of tights on, and a pair of boots and be ready for cooler temperatures that the fall weather holds. The look instantly becomes dressier and making you look polished.

Side note: Fold the T-shirt, rather than hang it. It goes for any T-shirt, but especially on the white, you can see the shoulders slouch down over time if you hang them.

So simple, yet so versatile. And I didn’t even tap into its sportier versions.

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