How to Wear a Sheer Top to Yoga Class

With spring trends starting to make their appearance in retail outlets, there’s no denying that sheer shirts are bound to be one of the most popular items. These flowing yoga shirts give you an opportunity to show a little skin without reaching immodest proportions. While they may be a tempting option to wear around town, they are also a great asset to any yogi’s wardrobe.

These sheer shirts are a cooler way to keep yourself covered during a heat-building sequence. The air can frequently flow through the fabric easily, allowing you to feel cool and comfortable all the way to the final resting poses. The benefits of wearing a sheer top are undeniable, but many yogis are uncertain how to pull off this new style. We thought you might welcome a few of these key styling tips to get you started.

Find a Great Bralette

This is a great way to combine two hot trends in one stylish outfit. Because you will be able to vaguely see your underclothes in a sheer shirt, you want to make sure that what you wear underneath is presentable. A bralette is a great way to make an obvious statement with your sheer clothing choices.

A lace option with thick straps that show around the top of the shirt could be a great solution. Choose bold colors that stand out against a neutral shirt for a confident statement. Alternatively, you may select a bralette in a similar shade to make your stylish choice a little subtler.

Put On a Tight-Fitting Crop Top

Many of the season’s most popular sheer shirts are oversized numbers that can conceal your true figure. Don’t allow them to steal the show completely though. You can wear a tight-fitting crop top underneath to show off your strong core muscles that are the result of your regular yoga practice. It’s best to wear this style in a shade that is relatively similar to the sheer top you select.

If you want a fun twist, you could purchase a sheer shirt in one of the bright neon hues that are popular this spring. Your crop top could be a neutral charcoal grey, white, or even black to balance out the bold color choice.

Wear a Tunic-Length Sheer Top

Tunics look great with a pair of yoga leggings, no matter what style they happen to be. Pull out your trusty pair of black yoga leggings to partner with a new sheer shirt in a fun seasonal shade. Be sure to wear a cotton camisole in a similar color underneath to really tie the whole outfit together. If you’re still a little self-conscious, look for camisoles that come in a tunic length instead of the standard size.

A sheer shirt can be an excellent fashion statement in your yoga class this spring. You can pair both form and function together in this one essential piece. Following these tips can help you to create an outfit that will make all your classmates notice during your next yoga class.

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